Thank You Serra High School

Thank you for offering education and a chance for the betterment of the futures of students on your campus. Education is vital in the growth of the mind-both externally and internally-and provides individuals the chance opportunity of growth as individuals in any given environment. With this being said, it is clear that education is very influential and conducive as to the way an individual carries themselves. However, there are a few setbacks and errors which should be addressed with the upmost importance, in order to ensure that you all are providing a sufficient educational process.

I have never been enrolled on your campus, nor have I ever set foot on your campus. However, after hearing the impact your curriculum has had on previous students, I hope to never come across a campus so fulfilled in keeping their prejudices and misgivings of others under wraps. A campus catering to all walks of life and various backgrounds, should be able to uphold this diversity and the growth that can arise from such diversity. Unfortunately, your campus headlines and promotes this diversity in very negative and detrimental ways. The past academic year, you reportedly allowed your prejudiced, and racial actions to be propelled to various news outlets on six different accounts-not only on behalf of the students but the faculty as well. According to a past student of yours, the racist actions shown to minority students-both explicit and implicit-have occurred repeatedly and have not been addressed as well they should have. There is very little racial unity and/or uplift on your campus, and I believe the faculty and staff, as well as the totality of the student body, should be aiming for ways to create this unity on campus.

On you website, it is stated that your campus mission is to “provide [a] rigorous, relevant, standards-based curriculum that will prepare [your] students to be responsible citizens and productive members of the 21st century workforce.” While it may be important to ensure these things in one’s course of study, one of the most important things is that students be working to better and support each other, as the “21st century workforce” relies heavily on teamwork and understanding. Furthermore, this concept cannot be achieved when the privilege of others is weighed against situations and backgrounds that are seen in a prejudiced light. Why attempt to fix something that isn’t broken, when you can easily put that effort towards something that has been systematically broken for years. Historically, minorities have not had the same educational privileges and opportunities as majority groups, and because of this fact have had to work with all the more effort and drive in order to achieve their goals. With this in mind, it is disheartening to learn that not only the students, but the faculty and staff-the same faculty and staff who have made it their goal to ensure a safe and accepting environment for these students-are participating in the on-going perpetuation of the discrimination and prejudice that minorities have made great strides to erase. Furthermore, to even allow your students of the majority group to suggest that the pain and prejudice they inflict on minorities and their educational process because of concepts such as “affirmative action” and the “White Man’s Burden” is justified, overlooks the privilege found behind the ability to say such statements. Students of minority groups work just as hard-if not harder-in achieving their aspirations than many others. Instead of catering to those who are well off and privileged, I suggest that a significant amount of effort be placed in building up minority groups, as opposed to morphing their achievements and hard work into an avenue for your own prejudices, as well as your failing to commit to your mission statement past its superficial concepts.


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