Thank You EJ Brown

Thank you for allowing the prejudiced and misinformed to have their scripts flipped, when it comes to their mindset of the success and potential of Black men. Not only does your work serve as admirable and groundbreaking art, but it also supports the visualization of the many stereotypes, generalizations, and false conclusions Black men are forced to endure daily. Because Black men have both historically and systematically had their achievements denied or overlooked, when someone in the African American community openly displays the success they achieve, many individuals continue to perpetuate this denial. Fortunately, individuals such as yourself are helping to end this predicament while also allowing the people of the Black community to gain insight and uplift when it seems like the world is against them. It is imperative that our Black community realize the strength that they possess, and display resistance to the setbacks society attempts to throw our way. In this way, we will allow those outside of the community to see what we see in ourselves. I sincerely thank you for helping in the pioneering of the advancement of the Black mind, as well as the educational futures many deny us. Additionally, I am thankful that your project will show Black youth that they are capable of amazing things, and that they should never allow their capabilities to be overshadowed by the fears and doubts of the unknowing and unrightfully doubtful. They are so powerful and strong, and I am thankful that you are allowing our youth to see the power and strength in education and bettering themselves in spite of the hurdles that many will attempt to place in their way.


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