Thank you Michael Brelo

Thank you for serving the state of Cleveland in what you may believe to be a selfless and justice-minded manner. I am sure you hold much pride in your position and the justice you feel to have orchestrated correctly. However, you have made a very grave decision in choosing to not acknowledge the wrong you have done-even running away to the flawed justice system of today to hide your shame. The actions you and your cohorts have chosen to partake in have negatively affected and caused great pains to members of the African American community. Furthermore, in light of your “successful” court trial, you have only reinforced the fact that the justice system does not support and/or care about the well-being of the African American community as a whole. You have also helped in allowing the mistreatment and unneeded force allowed through the police force to mock the aforementioned facts. In only thinking about your personal well-being, you have failed in both protecting and serving the public and have essentially made it clear to the public that some lives are more precarious than others. In other words, you and your supporters believe that the lives of both Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were less important than your own. You have unknowingly perpetuated the precarity of African American lives. You have also perpetuated the fact that the African American community can no longer put any of their faith and trust in the forces meant to insure these very same things. Were 100 officers really necessary in the pursuit of these victims?  Did the other officers present need to shoot 137 rounds at their vehicle? Lastly, did you honestly need to jump on top of this same vehicle, shoot 49 rounds at the two victims, and take away their lives? I hope you relish in the “[constitutional justification]” of the situation you have placed yourself in, because there are millions of African Americans who do not and sadly will not have this same advantage. Thank you for “[standing] tall” and “[standing] firm” in your perpetual oppression.


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