Thank You Lindenhurst, Suffolk County, Long Island “Community”

Dear “Community,”

Thank you for choosing to voice your opinions and prejudices in such a cowardly, heinous way. Why hide behind the shroud of a “community” when you could easily just as speak your opinions openly? By choosing to rely on your “community,” you have not only shamed yourself, but you have also shamed the entirety of this same “community.” It is rather selfish of you to throw your burden(s) on unsuspecting individuals solely because you find it so invariably difficult to rely on your own beliefs. This not only proves your cowardice, but also reflects the fact that your words hold no significant meaning-even to yourself. If one cannot stand behind their own words, are those words even worth being uttered? Additionally, how dare you target a family and insist that they “don’t belong [there] when you have easily proven that you yourself “don’t belong there” through these very same words. I would advise that you stop terrorizing the Copes family in the hopes of satisfying your own fear and benefit. A “community” is defined as being ,”a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” In order to not only be a part of a physical “community” but also be a part of a metaphysical “community”, one must be completely open in supporting others and caring for the well-being of said “community.” As you have exhibited nothing close to either meanings or philosophies of what a “community” should be, I suggest you read your dictionary and not only fix your understanding of others, but also spend time fixing yourself as a proud member of Lindenhurst, Suffolk County, Long Island “community.”


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