Thank You Eunique Jones

Thank you for serving as a source of light in the African American-specifically for promoting the importance and uplift of education, and why it is imperative that the African American community continues to promote themselves where many have failed to. Historically, African Americans have been systematically discouraged and barred from pursuing education. There are many who seek to lessen the availability of education for others, and we see this occurring plentifully in terms of the educational advancement of the African American community. What proves all the more saddening, is that because of this historic and systematic disenfranchisement, many individuals in the African American have not only given in to these moral-less ideals and closings, but have also robbed themselves of these opportunities. Many individuals have paved the way for the African American youth of today.  By recognizing the educational pillars of both the past and the present, we are able to strengthen individuals who may have unfortunately given up on themselves. It is imperative that education be stressed and given a brighter platform-that pursuing an education does not reflect giving in to the “man,” but both entails and implies that the African American community is strengthening and encouraging itself for a brighter future. The initiative you have taken has encouraged me greatly as a college student facing the prejudices and harmful ideals pushed at the African American community.  For everything previously mentioned, I sincerely thank you. Because of you we can.


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