Thank You Nancy Gordeuk

Thank you for attempting to correct your mistake at TNT Academy’s recent graduation ceremony. Although you slightly acknowledged your own mistake in neglecting to remember the valedictorian’s  much awaited speech, your actions not only thwarted their speech-with which they most likely spent a myriad of time preparing-but took away the merriment and excitement of the moment for all students, families, faculty, and staff involvement. It seems that you have not only neglected the power of words, but have taken this power and manipulated it to your own racially charged whims. The above actions you have chosen to take speak volumes in regards to the moral values-or lack of-that you carry around with you on a daily basis. For instance, shifting the blame away from yourself and pushing it onto the families you had previously dismissed in your own rush to conclude with the graduation ceremony is rather tactless, “rude,” and “disrespectful” in its own respect. By inadvertently allowing the multitudes to witness your true nature, you have made yourself undeserving of the position with which you have exploited in your own selfish ignorance. It is rather ironic to think that when you are the one responsible for graduating individuals into a mature, adult world, you are still in need of a graduation where your attitudes and moral values are involved. It is even sadder that you felt the need to take the success of many African Americans and shift it into your personal and prejudiced disappointment. Next time you find yourself responsible for such a feat as this, relinquish it to someone who demonstrates maturity and a genuine care of others-something you seem to have not learned in the time prior to your own graduation.


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