Thank You Children of the Movement

Recently, many forms of protest have been outsourced by the media. While coverage of the current protests may allow for awareness of the issues at hand, more often than not, the media only portrays the relatively negative aspects of said protests. This in turn allows the general public to draw negative connotations and conclusions. With the general feeling of angst and/or anger being generated, it proves easy for individuals to get caught up in these feelings. However, these individuals fail to realize that what the media offers them cannot fully portray all spectrums of the actions and reactions of those involved.

Many African American children have recently been spotted handing out sandwiches, fruits, and drinks to Caucasian police officers. Acting as the peace in the midst of the storm, these children are helping to ease the tension found primarily in the state of Baltimore. The kindness these children have shown is a form of resistance in itself, in that this kindness portrays the opposite of what the media hopes to present to the public. It is said that some of the strongest people are the ones who can find happiness and optimism in times of great peril and chaos. For these children, by choosing to ignore the pain and anger they find themselves immersed in, they show resistance and strength unmatched by many at this time. For many, it proves difficult to understand how any individual can maintain optimism and hope in a time where there appears to be none. For one to show kindness in the midst of strife means that that individual strives to keep their current circumstance(s) from affecting the way the carry themselves, and the way they live their lives. This kindness also allows for others to build themselves up. This momentum inevitably reaches all individuals and allows them to create change-not only for themselves but for others. Furthermore, in the incidences that viewers are allowed access to these images, it allows them to have a change in perspective. This allows them to see that there are many forms of resistance currently being shown, and that they are not universally centered around anger. Much of this realization is offered by the public. Unfortunately, this means that the media is systematically attempting to keep the public from becoming aware of the positives of the movement. However, seeing the dangers the media portrays only furthers the fact that these children have been showing a significant amount of bravery in spite of the chaos surrounding them.

In addition to the previous statements, this form of resistance not only shows bravery, and exemplifies kindness, but it also can be used as an example of positive race relations. Many people withhold themselves when it comes to the possibility of race relations because of the stereotypes and micro aggressions they have been exposed to. Many also avoid attempts of growing closer to those outside of their race for fear of being negatively affected by whatever situations they may manifest for themselves. However, the children of the movement hold no qualms to these possibilities through their kindness and/or innocence. As one develops, they are inclined to figuring who they are as individuals by finding political affiliations or ideals they identify with. Unfortunately, by working so vigorously on themselves, they may lose sight of general principles of human interaction and cordiality-kindness being one of those principles. Politically, the kindness these children have shown-and the lack of promotion-acknowledges the fact that a change in policy transcends the consideration of what may be politically sound and/or politically correct, and should instead focus on the aspects of humanity and the advancement of a peaceful, understanding mindset. In terms of the African American community specifically, the actions taken by these children will allow others to see that the misconceptions they have created and bought into should be reevaluated and dismissed.

As previously stated, conflict and misunderstanding can make it difficult for one to bring about an opportunity for love. However, these children have shown how easy loving others can be, and highlighted the selfish inconsideration of many in this time and age. With the help of these children, many will have the opportunity to change the way they view the African American community for the better.


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