Thank You David Moss

Thank you for genuinely attempting to step up for those who cannot necessarily voice their feelings for themselves. In times where many if not all African Americans are still facing prejudiced social equality, it hurts my heart to see that children have to get involved in a battle they may not have been prepared for. Personally, it hurts to see that this injustice is still taking place in the very city that I was born in. I thank you for caring about those who have been pushed aside and neglected in their need for education and success. To see that a group of people who have historically been hindered in their opportunities and outlets for progress and awareness and knowledge are still being hindered on the grounds of this prejudiced social equality… I just feel sad for everyone who has been deprived of opportunities such as this, just because of the fact that majority groups-who have historically and essentially had everything-feel as though they haven’t attained enough to their satisfaction. Thank you for doing what is right, and for thinking about the African-American children-the next generation-before thinking about yourself.


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